Changes Abound

As I pack things up into boxes and clear different rooms off all the junk that has stood its ground for what seems like an eternity, all sorts of emotions bubble up in me. The past three years of life in Perth has been nothing short of challenging to say the least. It pulled the rug from beneath my feet when I least expected it to.

Where I thought the different stages of life was inbuilt and pre-wired into my DNA, moving to Perth seemed like I was taken out from my place of comfort and put into a blender where I would be mixed and mixed and launched from one end to another until my limbs and thoughts were soft and limber.

Sometimes you go through life expecting to know what comes next. From kindergarten you are sent to school and then from school you get into university and from university you go out into the working world that is filled with uncertainty. It pulls you down one path and then another and another. All the while you expect something from life, from yourself.

But for the first time in my life I feel a strange sense of liberty from expectation. Life is as it is and I am perfectly at peace with everything that is happening around me.

So as I pack things up into boxes and get rid of three years worth of junk, I prepare for the calm before the storm.


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