Margaret River in 2 Days

On a very spontaneous account, Akash (my husband) and I decided to sneak in a short trip to the Margaret River region from Perth last week. It was a couple of days after the Christmas and New Year celebrations, the weather was looking spectacular and it had been quite some time since our last trip down south. So we booked an Airbnb, packed two days worth of clothes and sped away in our little blue Swift.

Before we left I had gone through my Instagram feed, looked up Trip Advisor recommendations and asked around about the best things to see and do in Margaret River. It seemed like there was just too much and we were unsure if 2 days was going to be enough. Which is why I decided to come up with this blog post, 2 days IS enough!

Before you go on further, we are not huge fans of wine and so it was easy for us to skip the wine trail and fast forward to the scenic one. So if you are reading in the hopes of finding out about the best wineries in Margaret River, this post is probably not the best one to read. However, if a nature trail is more of your thing, then read on!

Day 1

Busselton Jetty 

Busselton was our first stop after about 2 and a half hours of driving down from Perth. It was a long walk to the end of the Jetty but definitely a worthwhile one to take in the Geographe Bay coastal winds and get some salt water in our hair.


The longest wooden jetty in the world


There are quite a number of things to do before you proceed to walk the length of the jetty  and once you get to the end.If you are interested to find out more, this website could be useful : Busselton Jetty

Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse


After a quick lunch at Busselton we paid a brief visit to the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse which was about a 15 minute drive from Busselton. It was a fairly short lighthouse to climb. The stunning view of the LeeuwinNaturaliste National Park and the Geographe Bay coastline was accessible to us even without climbing to the top of the lighthouse. Regular tours are arranged to head up to the lighthouse and guides provide you with the history of the area. If you are looking to pre purhase tickets, this would be a useful website to do so: Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse  but you can always purchase tickets from the location itself.

Yallingup Beach


Possibly our favorite scenic beach was next on our list of stops. Even the drive there from the lighthouse took our breath away! We stopped at a lookout point before the beach to take some pictures and just to sit down and watch the stillness. We must have spent a good half hour at Yallingup Beach just strolling and watching the waves crash while surfers zoomed in and out of the horizon.


Injidup Beach

I had seen too many beautiful pictures of Injidup Beach on my Instagram feed to give it a pass so naturally this beach was next on our itinerary.

injidup beach.jpg

In my opinion, this was the perfect beach to lay out a picnic mat and head out for a swim. It was partly secluded and had a great horizon of white sand before the dark blue waves crashed in. Too bad, dark clouds were edging in simultaneously as we made our way there!

It rained for most part of the evening that day so apart from making a couple more pit stops at random breweries and wineries just to take in the scenery, we headed right to our Airbnb cottage in Margaret River.

Our cottage.jpg

We would recommend our Airbnb cottage – which was nicely cordoned off from the hosts’ home and had its own bathroom and a comfortable double bed  to anyone looking to spend a night or two in the area. The picture above is linked to the Airbnb listing, just click on it!

Day 2

Boranup Karri Forest

It was cold and cloudy on the morning of Day 2 but that did not stop us from an early rise so we could drive through the Boranup Forest where the Karri trees stood tall and majestic.

The Woods.jpg

We were initially concerned that we needed a 4WD in order to do the Boronup Drive (click for more information) but our little blue Swiftey transported us through the forest just fine. The drive consists mostly of gravel road and it was a bumpy one but we would highly recommend it to any nature loving soul. It was quite possibly the highlight of our trip! And because we were there early, we made many pit stops along the way to capture some amazing pictures and just to take in the sound of the rustle of the trees when the wind came through. It was magical!

A pretty shaky video that we managed to capture using our GoPro so you get a feel of what it is like driving through the forest.

Mammoth Cave

Our next stop was Mammoth Cave which was located within the LeeuwinNaturaliste National Park. This was the only cave we decided to visit and it was conveniently situated within the Karri forest.

Mammoth Cave.jpg

The cave was nicely lit and we were allowed to venture at our own ease without having to follow a guide but there was still the convenience of having an audio tour thanks to the detailed information delivered through an mp3 player and headset. We thoroughly enjoyed looking at the formations and natural structures in the cave and even took a longer trail back to the car park when we exited the cave. If you’re a fan of the caves and would love to do more than one, this link will be useful and you can buy tickets to all of them at one go, just click here

Surfers Point

The temperature was definitely a lot lower on day 2 and this became more evident when the winds sent us into shivers at Surfers Point situated a couple of minutes away from the Margaret River town center. We spent a good 10 minutes at the lookout point before jumping back into our car and making our way to the next location.


Laurance Winery

We drove past a stunning winery the day before and wanted to have a closer look at it, later to discover that it was called Laurance Winery. With its sprawling green grass and beautiful structures, this was easily one of the prettiest wineries that we had seen. Sampling some wine did not hurt either. And don’t even get me started on the washrooms! They were fit for royalty.

Laurance Winery.jpg

Injidup Natural Spa

Our next stop for the day was a scenic masterpiece. It took a bit of climbing and clambering up rocks to get better views but the physical effort was well worth it. The tide was high and once we got up the rocks, we could not only see the waves but feel the spray of the water against our skin.


The rocks created a natural inclination forming a spa like structure and people got to enjoy the privilege without a price tag. Though if you are interested in an actual spa and a nice massage, the Injidup Spa Retreat  may be the escape you search.


Gelato Buonissimo

It was getting late and the idea of ending our trip started to sound pretty good but certainly not before we sampled some artisan gelato which we heard that Margaret River was quite well known for. So began our hunt for Gelato, and more so dark chocolate gelato because Akash was drawn to these like flies drawn to skin in summer.

While Simmo’s and Millers ice cream came highly recommended, we happily went on a mission to treat our wagging tongues with this


Gelato Buonissimo’s Lindt Dark chocolate ice cream which were both dairy and gluten free. It was unique but I think both of us preferred darker and slightly less sweet when it came to our chocolate. That said, if you are looking for something different and not just the regular flavours, don’t leave Busselton without trying Gelato Buonissimo 

Simmo’s Ice Creamery  would possibly be more of a paradise for families with children

With that out of the way, we made our way back to Perth at approximately 4 pm.

The Vegetarian Trail 

If like me, you are a vegetarian, The Equinox  in Busselton had some tasty vegetarian meals. Price wise it was costly ($25 – $30 ish) but there was an awesome view to accompany. That is possibly the only one I could recommend because we went pretty low budget with Subways and an average Asian meal in the town of Margaret River. The possibilities are quite endless for non vegetarians!

Hope this post has either convinced you to visit the beautiful Margaret River region in Western Australia or helped you with your planning down south!



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  1. Rainee says:

    An excellent coverage of our region :). I am going to share it to Facebook.

    1. dimithirajani says:

      Thank you so much Rainee! I’m glad I did your region justice, it is stunning! Appreciate the share 🙂 Cheers and have a lovely day! xx

      1. Rainee says:

        (I am in Busselton)

    1. Dimi Jani says:

      Thanks for dropping by Shivashishspeaks!

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