The Strangers We Meet

I’ve finally signed up for a registered Yoga Alliance Teacher Training 500 Hour Course! It is something that I have always had on my to do list. For the longest time I convinced myself that I was not ready for it, yet every second my heart and my will screamed out to me to dive deeper into the realm of yoga.

My intention, never was and still isn’t, to just become a yoga teacher. My intention with YTT is to deepen my own knowledge of yoga and to go on a personal journey with myself – a person that I have not always appreciated or understood at certain points in life.

Over the next year I will have the opportunity to do just that. Which is why, in celebration of finally taking the leap, I was determined to write about the  strangers I came across who somehow seemed to guide me into penning down an application essay and commit to the enrollment process.

Stranger #1

I met stranger number 1 virtually. As I packed my bags and moved to Perth, solitude sunk in and I brought my attention back to writing. I ran a WordPress search on topics that I was interested in, yoga quite naturally being one of them, and came across a vibrant expatriate yoga teacher. Reading about Estelea’s teacher training journey made me want to begin my own. I felt a virtual connection right away and a natural nudge to go further into my search. Feel free to let the link to take you to her positive world of refreshing perspectives!

Stranger #2

Stranger number 2 took me by surprise. I was at a friend’s 30th birthday party and we got acquainted through a mutual friend. Her radiating aura was hard to ignore and quite instantly we began connecting on different topics. I casually mentioned that I was in the process of painfully navigating my way through different yoga studio trials after moving to Perth. Nothing seemed to fit at that point. I had approached the scene with an open mind and had no requirements of the school that I wanted to join. I was just looking to make a connection.

She instantly suggested a yoga studio that she had tried with a great vibe and a wonderful teacher. Our conversation was brief but liberating. Free and easy. It pointed me in the exact direction that I needed to head into.

Stranger #3

Crossing paths with stranger number 3 at my fortnightly meditation group session was a chance meeting that I was completely appreciative of. As soon as I entered the meditation space, I was told that a yoga teacher was present by the host and bubbling up in me was the excitement of hearing about another experience that she would hopefully share.

Corry was possibly in her 40s and had spent her years travelling the world while working. She completed her YTT in Bali and in her words it was the best thing you could do for yourself. Her experience was empowering. She found the courage and determination to get on her mat everyday throughout the course despite not being able to bend how she wanted to at times or when motivation lacked. Some of her fellow course mates were retired circus performers with contortionist abilities. Some dropped off their mats in a blink of an eye. It was her patience and determination that pulled her through and it was a test that she was grateful for everyday.

Listening to her speak so passionately about something that I was passionate about seemed to set my flame on fire.

Stranger #4

Not long after meeting Stranger #2, I tried out the yoga studio she recommended. It was a house by nature but a yoga studio in spirit. The yoga room was small with a high ceiling. The floor was wooden and creaky. Our mats were placed close to each other and the light fell through nicely.My new yoga teacher lighted ylang ylang scented candles to give the room a certain ambience. In the summer heat it was slightly more humid in the room than it was outside.

She chanted and the class began and through the moving meditation I lost myself. In a good way. I had finally found that connection that I was looking for. It was not strong and powerful like I remembered my practice at home to be, but it was a start. And that was all I set out hoping for. It was enough. The search for a yoga school had thankfully ended.

I went home, connected to the school’s website and found myself intrigued by the expressions of the founder via her blog. Most of her views were on point and resonating my thoughts with her content was easy. In no time I had requested a prospectus and found myself face to face with the very humble Jean on the day of my induction.

Stranger #5

The encounters above introduced me to stranger #5. A person who had, for the very first time, put her curiosity and love for the spiritual practice of yoga above her fear of not being good enough and her over commitment towards the other more important things in life. I finally met the side of me who had learned to let go and listen to her heart instead of her head a little more.

And perhaps (hopefully) this is only the beginning of my enlightening encounters with strangers.

Have you ever let yourself be guided by the strangers that you meet? I’d love to hear your experiences!



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  1. estelea says:

    It came all to you when you were ready for it 😉 You ll have a beautiful journey my deat ! Enjoy X

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